Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Good Oil Cafe - Nichols Garden Centre

51 Teviot St, Dunedin

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday 7:30am-4pm


Free customer car park and free street parking nearby.
Indoor and covered outdoor seating with various table size options.
Accessible with a pushchair, few stairs leading down to garden courtyard.

Clip on Highchairs x2
Parent room with change table
Kids corner with table, chairs and toys
Fenced play ground
Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch menu 
Savoury and sweet cabinet food
Gluten free + Dairy free menu

Coffee - $4 
Hot chocolate - $4.50   
Fluffy -$2

Near by activities 
Nichols Garden Centre and Pet Warehouse
Edgar centre

Master Benji and Miss Zoe enjoying the outside courtyard. 
The Good Oil Cafe at Nichols Garden Centre has always been a desirable location for catching up with friends for coffee or a quick lunch with the kiddies. 

A pleasant setting with the covered outdoor seating area overlooking the shrubs and plants. Fenced, covered playground for the older kids.
There is a kids corner with table and chairs and a toy box for those kiddies who would like their own space ;)

Great coffee and wholesome tasty food using fresh high quality ingredients.

Delicious cinnamon scrolls are always a hit as well as their scrumptious salads.

A popular spot that has great customer service even when under the pump with the lunch time madness. 

Fenced playground.

Plenty of entertainment for the kiddies with Nichol's Pet Warehouse adjoining provides excitement for the kiddies to discover what animals they have in store - Master Benji loved seeing the new kittens.

Kids corner and toy box.

As The Good Oil Cafe is a popular location for the young and old it can get quite busy, so if you are in need of a much desired relax, aim for early morning or afternoon as lunch time can get BUSY.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Alto cafe

32 Mailer St, Dunedin

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday - Sunday 8:30am-5pm

Free street parking nearby.
Indoor and street seating options.
Accessible with a pushchair, two steps down to lower main seating area.

1x free standing highchair.
Spacious toilet area with portable change table.
Gluten free options.
Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch menu.
Cabinet food.

Coffee - $4 
Hot chocolate - $4.50   
Fluffy -$1

Near by activities 
Mornington Parent Centre
Mornington shops
After checking out Fallow and Fox for Chrissy gift ideas we headed across the road to alto cafe for coffee and brunch. It was bustling with patrons getting their Atomic coffee fix and had a cheery festive vibe. Although alto cafe was busy with takeaway orders there were assorted seating options and friendly quick service at the tables. 
On the lower level in the main dining area there are spacious areas convenient for prams with both large and small table seating arrangements.
Delicious cabinet food as well as a breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu is available with gluten free options . We ordered brunch off the menu and happily tucked in to the scrumptious flavours. 

alto cafe is a perfect cafe to pop into when you need a break from shopping in town this festive season. Great service along with good food, coffee and a cheery atmosphere made this cafe and happy place to visit. 

We will be back :)

Roasted mushrooms on toast with spinach, feta and dukkah.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dc Desserts- The Little Boutique Dessert Company

311 George St, Dunedin

Opening hours
Daily 3pm-11pm

Website/Facebook Page


A review with a bit of a difference ;) 
Who's looking to treat themselves? Celebrate surviving the year, month or week? Heading into the festive season there are many reasons to enjoy something a little special maybe even a bit of a celebration. Being stay at home mums we decided to have our own “ Coffee Mum Christmas Party” and had the night off to head out for dinner and to treat ourselves with a DC Dessert

It’s been a long road recovering from shoulder surgery especially with a 15 month in tow. I was lucky enough to have Emma to help out with Master Benji over the past three months and this is how Coffee Mum came about. Benji and Tilly have loved hanging out together and checking out the café scene with their mums and friends, but now it was time to do something just for us.

We left the kiddies at home with the hubby's and headed out for some sushi at Jizo (of course it was delicious). Then headed up the road to Dc Desserts- The Little Boutique Company that is currently located in Zanzibar on George St. 
It was a busy Wednesday night, especially during all the Graduation ceremonies and this pocket sized bar was full of mostly female patrons enjoying their well deserved desserts and cocktails. 
On this night they were short staffed and a coupled with a few larger groups there was a bit of a wait for our desserts but it was WORTH it. Daniel Chew the chef was friendly and did an amazing job of creating the desserts and as well as serving them to the customers with a SMILE. Originally there was a mix up with the dessert we ordered but he didn't hesitate bringing the correct dessert back out and gave us macaroons on the house to make up for it :) score!

As you can see from the above menus there are PLENTY of desserts to choose from, we ordered the Caramel dome, which was a chocolate dome hiding a soft cocoa sponge, fresh cut strawberries, and housemate ice-cream - now the fun part, pouring over the hot caramel sauce melts the chocolate dome to create a sensational gooey delicacy. We also ordered the Coffee Caramel log, which was a dark chocolate mousse with a cold brewed coffee lace and brown sugar caramel. Will definitely have to go back to try the rest of the menu ;)

Bookings are essential during the weekends especially over the festive period.

Make sure you check this place out- whether it's a date night with the hubby or a night out with the girls. 
With drinks, Tapas and Desserts on offer there’s something for everyone. But leave the kids at home ;) This is the perfect place to have a night out with all your mummy friends. 

We finished the night off in true style and headed to Kmart for some late night Christmas shopping!!

Caramel Dome. 
Coffee, caramel log.

Vouchers are available and would be an ideal Christmas presents.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Laneway Cafe, Bar and Tapas

7 Bath St, Central Dunedin

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday 6.30am-4pm
Friday 6.30am-11pm
Saturday 8am-11pm

Paid street parking nearby.
Outdoor and inside seating options.
Lower level accessible with a pushchair, stairs leading up to upper level and courtyard.

No highchair
No change table
Breakfast and Tapas menu 
Cabinet food

Coffee - Small $4 Large $4.50
Hot chocolate- Small $4 Large $4.50   
Fluffy -$1

Near by activities 
Public library
Public Art gallery

After taking the kids to Story time at the library we treated ourselves to a coffee on a Friday morning at Laneway Cafe, Bar and Tapas. Located in Bath Street, Laneway cafe this was the ideal place to escape the Christmas crowds, but still close to shops.

With two pushchairs in tow we were assisted up the stairs to the upper level by the helpful staff on arrival. They had no highchairs so we kept the kids in their pushchairs. We enjoyed our coffee and vanilla chai lattes. 
Their drinks menu was extensive with a variety of hot chocolates, chai lattes and teas - if you are feeling a little adventurous to try something new ;)

Scrumptious Breakfast and Tapas menus as well as cabinet food options, are perfect if you would just like to try a small morsel. All their food is locally sourced, and they make their own delicious sauces. 

Laneway Cafe, Bar and Tapas is the perfect escape from town, with mouthwatering food and drink why not treat yourselves or better still book in a Tapas date night ;)

Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Kitchen Table Cafe and Bake

111 Moray Place, Dunedin

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 8am-3:30pm
Sunday 10am-2.30pm

Paid street parking or paid car park 
Outdoor and inside seating options
Accessible with a pushchair, some stairs down to lower seating level

Free standing highchair available.
Toy basket for entertainment
Breakfast and Brunch menu
Cabinet food
Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options
Kids menu

Coffee - $4
Hot chocolate - $4.50
Fluffy - $1

Near by activities 
Public library
Public Art gallery

We finally made it to 'The Kitchen Table Cafe and Bake'. Tucked away on Moray Place, I have often driven past this cafe and thought i'd like to try it. It was a very sunny Friday when we popped in for a visit and with the large glass street frontage it made for a warm and bright spot to dine - sun glasses were a must!

When we arrived at the cafe, although split over two levels it is pram friendly and with the helpful staff, they made it very easy to accommodate most group arrangements. From small tables, to couch areas to large spacious kitchen tables, 'The Kitchen Table Cafe and Bake' creates an easy going relaxed atmosphere.

We set ourselves up in the couch area and were provided with a toy box and high chair by the cheery welcoming staff. We downed out Common ground coffees  and delicous Fiands greedly (i will be back for more). 
Various cabinet food options as well as menu options made to order, as all food is made on the premises means they can accommodate most dietary requirements. When we headed out the door squeezing past the lunch time rush I noticed they also make Fresh juices, this will also be on my list to try next time! 

The Kitchen Table Cafe and Bake is a favourite with Dunedin and the attentiveness of staff was on point even holding the door open for us while we left with our prams! This cafe is very child friendly 👌🏻

Miss Zoe enjoying her coffee date.

AMAZING Fiands!!!!!