Monday, 7 November 2016

The Perc Cafe

142 Stuart Street, Dunedin 

Opening hours
Saturday - Sunday 


Paid street parking - be warned, being close to the Octagon it can be very hard to find parking. 
Spacious seating
Pram friendly cafe, right up to tables.

Two freestanding highchairs.
Change table located at the back of the cafe, outside unisex toilets.
Toy box provided for entertainment.
Magazines to help relax.
Cabinet snacks, slices, fresh salads as well as Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch menu.
Free range - Eggs, Chicken and Pork.
Gluten free dietary options.
No specific kids menu however a variety of options can be adapted.

Coffee - Small $4 Large $4.50
SO many treats
Hot Chocolate - Small $4 Large $4.50
Fluffy - $2

Nearby activities
Public Library
Public Art Gallery
Rialto Cinema 
Early Settlers Museum 

Mix and match salads
After taking the kiddies to 'Story Time' at the Public Library we stopped in at The Perc Cafe. Located within walking distance from the Library, it had a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and was conveniently accessible for pushchairs, and had ample seating for both large and small groups.

To help the adults relax there were magazine's to peruse on the tables, perfect if you wanted to have a quiet coffee and read with a sleeping baby in tow.

Our kids however were awake and hungry after their trip to the library. The toy box helped to entertain them while we got their food ready. 
Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch menus available as well as cabinet food, yummy scones, muffins, slices and delicious salads. No specific kids menu but Miss Tilly and Master Benji helped to devour most of our salads as well as their own food we brought with us, little piglets.
Chocolate fluffy

The fluffies were chocolate flavoured which came as a surprise, these could be a nice treat for those extra special occasions. Plain milk fluffies are available on request. We enjoyed the Allpress coffees which helped us survive the afternoon.

A change table was located outside the unisex toilets, there are a few steps that lead up to the toilet area so leave the pushchair in the cafe.

By providing a homely feel with spacious 6x seater dining tables, magazines, toy boxes, a varied menu and cabinet snacks full of tasty tempting dishes, The Perc Cafe has created an environment which is pleasing to parents and welcoming to little ones.

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